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Technology Of Carbon Composites Material Resin TG255

May 26, 2020

Patented 255 TG Resin Formula

DMA Test & Analysis:

- After long time tests, the red line is our new high TG resin temperature 255° carbon clincher rims Graphics,TG255 is our specially developed formula.

- when heating reaches 200 degree, our resin remains 79% solidness. When heating up to 230 degree as what most of you can achieve when descending, our resin can still keep 64% solidness.

- High TG epoxy resin 255° be used to make rim is good enough at high temperature heating on the wheels during braking, The carbon bike clincher rims provides stable brake surface with high TG resin system.

- Advantages:

* Extraordinary  High Heating Resistance

* High  Rigidity in brakes

* High Impacting Strength

* High  Stability of the resin loss rate

* Better handling of lamination

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