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  • May 26, 2020 Technology Of Carbon Composites Material Resin TG255
    Patented 255 TG Resin Formula DMA Test & Analysis: - After long time tests, the red line is our new high TG resin temperature 255° carbon clincher rims Graphics,TG255 is our specially developed formula. - when heating reaches 200 degree, our resin remains 79% solidness. When heating up to 230 degree as what most of you can achieve when descending, our resin can still keep 64% solidness. - High TG epoxy resin 255° be used to make rim is good enough at high temperature heating on the wheels during braking, The carbon bike clincher rims provides stable brake surface with high TG resin system. - Advantages: * Extraordinary  High Heating Resistance * High  Rigidity in brakes * High Impacting Strength * High  Stability of the resin loss rate * Better handling of lamination To learn more about rim brake wheels of different widths (23mm, 25mm, 27mm, 28mm width), please click here...
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    MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY CARBON CONSTRUCTION It is very important to choose high-quality carbon fiber materials as part of our manufacturing rims. We use high modulus carbon fiber Toray T700, T800, T1000 to make carbon fiber rims. Specifically for racers who seek all possible advantages on the track. The hybrid structure of Toray T800 and T700 is used to reduce the wall thickness in key areas while enhancing the stiffness of the overall rim. PRECISE LAYUP When laying workers carry out the carbon fiber laying orientation, Every standard generated is implemented in our layup schedule documents. SMOOTH INSIDE WALL We use specific, thinner, high-pressure air bladders to control the inner wall smoothness, and are completely removed without harsh chemicals. They are removed through the valve hole with a unique process.We are already very mature in this technology. BEAD LOCK TECHNOLOGY Bead locks are small ridges on either side of the drop channel to help create a buffer during tire inflation,making the installation process easier. These ridges almost eliminate any possibility of burping or blowing on the tire. Link here: road rim brake, road disc brake, gravel wheel, 650B wheel, 29er wheel. HOOKLESS TECHNOLOGY Gravel rims and  650B, 29er rims utilize a hookless design.  Without the hook, we were also able to thicken the rim wall, making it even stronger. This means that the tire will touch rim walls fully and mounted perfectly,allowing you to run lower tire pressure without risk of air loss or pinch flats. This will be the perfect carbon fiber rim. Link here: road rim brake, road disc brake, gravel wheel, 650B wheel, 29er wheel. ONE-PIECE LAYUP TECHNOLOGY Compared to the technology of 3 pieces, our one-piece tech is more technically difficult, we have larger equipment that allows for a one-piece continuous layer. Improving the carbon rim to make it stronger can also reduce weight. CNC MACHINE DRILLING We use a high-speed CNC machine to drill carbon fiber rim spoke holes. HAND BUILT WHEELS Our carbon wheels are precise hand built. The wheel builder has 10 years of experience and can recognize some issues tools cannot.There are needs at least 4~5 stress relieve rounds during the process. For more details and quotations of carbon fiber wheelset, please contact us. Xiamen Ornanbike Composite Technology Co., Ltd. Tel : +86 15305966518 Whatsapp : +86 15305966518 Email : info@ornanbike.com
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