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Feb 10, 2020


According to the standard and design structure provided by the developer. Collect, inspect and weigh air bladder and carbon fiber prepregs to verify that all materials are included.The weight must be within to lerance if you want to pass and move on to the next process. The weight and personnel ID# are recorded on the computer to keep the record permanently.

carbon fiber rim processing


Each rim uses our carefully designed fixture to make the carbon fiber prepreg layer. Our most experienced workers apply the prepreg by hand, and most of the rim processing process takes 30-45 minutes.

carbon fiber rim processing


When forming a carbon fiber rim, the temperature and air pressure control process is very important, which determines whether yourproduct has a flawless finish. We use the latest generation of machinery to achieve the most stable temperature and air pressure throughout the heating, curing, and cooling process. Carefully control all aspects during the ~45-minute cycle.

carbon fiber rim processing


It is a computer-controlled drilling machine that customizes each spoke hole to an exact position and angle.You can request a customized drilling pattern if you have a unique wheel build. All rims are drilled with a high-speed CNC machine.


This is part of our carbon fiber rim processing, removing the excess resin wicked away during the curing process,and deburring the spoke holes.

carbon fiber rim processing


We have an independent spray paint production line and strictly control every link, Glossy and Matte finishes,and customized graphics are available.

carbon fiber rim processing


In addition to standard quality control inspections on carbon fiber rims, we also check roundness(must be within 0.2mm), flatness(within 0.15mm), and with some products, the tire pressure check is performed.

carbon fiber rim processing


All Ornan wheels are lashed and trued by hand. The wheel builder has 10 years of experience and can recognize some issues tools cannot.There are needs at least 4~5 stress relieve rounds during the process.


Final confirmation of customer receipt information. Products are packaged well to avoid damage during transit,and items are cross-referenced by the order, ticket to make sure no parts are missing.


We have several options for shipping depending on your location. We partner with EMS, DHL, TPD (Tax Prepaid),Fedex, and TNT.

carbon fiber rim processing

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