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Which carbon wheels bearing hub is better?

Aug 13, 2021

Which carbon wheels bearing hub is better? Stainless steel bearing hub or ceramic bearing hub...

In addition to the carbon rims, the configuration of the hub is also one of the keys to a good pair of carbon fiber wheels.

How do we keep the hub rotationally stable? Bearings are the subject of our discussion.

For the pro rider, a pair of high-performance carbon wheelsets will bring him one step closer to his championship goal. The choice of the hub bearing is very important. Equipped with ceramic bearings, the DT Swiss 180 system is light, stiff, durable, and easy to maintain, but it is also unaffordable for us. To address this price point, Ornanbike engineers developed and designed a hub with ceramic bearings. From the 3D model design below we can clearly see the graphics of the hub.

high-performance carbon wheelsets

We call this hub the R12 model. This is a road bike disc brake hub for carbon gravel wheels, carbon 700C road bike disc wheels, and more…

In terms of weight, we have also optimized the exterior design. The total weight of the front and rear hubs is 354.4g, realizing a lightweight hub.

lightweight hub

Design advantages:

The greatest advantage of ceramic bearings is lower rolling resistance. Because ceramic bearings are rounder, smoother and more uniform in size than traditional ones. At the same time, ceramic bearings are also harder than steel bearings (up to 30%), which improves durability, and they also don't rust for less maintenance. R12 road disc brake hubs are designed with 6-pawl freehub system. 72 POE_Point of Engagement. 36teeth, to make the force more direct and minimize power loss, improved durability and quicker response.

R12 ceramic bearing hubs

Chinese carbon wheelset with R12 ceramic bearing hubs.

A pair of affordable carbon fiber wheels with R12 ceramic bearing hubs for carbon 700C gravel wheelset, carbon 700C road bike disc brake wheelset models.

Click here to read more details R12 hub Carbon Wheelset...

R12 hub Carbon WheelsetR12 hub Carbon WheelsetR12 hub Carbon Wheelset

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