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How About 2022 All Mountain 29er Carbon Rim?

Dec 02, 2021

If you are a professional all-mountain biker, what key points would you consider when choosing carbon MTB wheels? Strength, weight, resistance...

For all-mountain races, it is very important for professional drivers to choose a wheelset that suits them. Because it determines whether you can achieve good results in the next competition. Therefore, a pair of carbon fiber mountain wheels will be your best choice. Our latest 2022 All Mountain 29er carbon rims may be one of your choices. Design with a minimum depth of 18 mm and asymmetric rim profile design. This design noticeably equalizes spoke tensions between drive and non-drive sides, This would create a stronger and stiffer wheelset, and with fewer fatigue issues. Let you have enough agile handling performance during riding. We are reinforced the rim wall to make the rim stronger and more durable, significantly improving the impact resistance and ease of tire mounting. which helps you overcome tough terrain with confidence, especially for large jumps, roots, and rocks and more.

Choose your favorite hubs (DT Swiss or Powerway) to assemble your carbon MTB 29er wheelset.

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DT Swiss or Powerway

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