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How To Determine The Spoke Hole Angle Of A Carbon Fiber Rim

Oct 25, 2020

The birth of every carbon fiber rim product is inseparable from the professional manufacturer of ORNAN. Some customers are curious about the angle treatment of the spoke holes of the rim. We describe this problem as follows. The depth combination of different hubs and different rims is directly related to the angle of the spoke holes. The angle and quality of the spoke hole are very important because it directly affects the transmission of force, the tension of the wheel and the difficulty of construction. First of all, we made professional 2D drawing data for the angle of the precision spoke hole. Please refer to the two-dimensional data below.

 carbon fiber rim product

Secondly, how do we guarantee the quality of the spoke holes? How to make it precise? ORNAN has introduced the most advanced high-speed CNC machine tools to input angle parameters, which can drill all possible spoke hole angles for professional bicycle sports carbon fiber rims, and it is also suitable for different types of rims. For example, carbon road rims, carbon MTB rims, carbon gravel,carbon fiber BMX/balance/folding rims, etc... If you want to know the processing process, please click this video.

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